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RES13010 CGW Del. 12-63, GA 50' RBL Sill 1 10-6 offset doors, narrow rods, DF loaders

RES13010 CGW Del. 12-63, GA 50' RBL Sill 1 10-6 offset doors, narrow rods, DF loaders


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RESERVATION product ONLY. Please do not add current in stock items to your RESERVATION product order, any additional cars will not be held as part of this reservation. We are expecting a delivery window some time in late 2021 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices. When the product becomes available to purchase we will send out invoices for your payments in the order we received them. So, the earlier you place your reservation the earlier you will be notified. We are trying to be better at producing the correct quantities of cars that our customers want. No more missing out or chasing up with dealers worldwide.

The RESERVATIONS close on the 26th of January 2022. Reservations received by the deadline will guarantee the models ordered but also help us to determine accurate quantities per item to our factory. You can also place your reservations with any of our current dealers.


Yes, we are going back to our roots of our RTR, some re-visitations of road names we have run before .... BUT.... with a twist. See the details of the twists below.

CGW- the first run was the Sill 2 design with 10' doors, this one Sill 1 design with 10-6' doors.

Conrail - we ex-EL cars in their first appearance, now this one is ex-NYC.

EL - We did as delivered cars in the first run, now we are adding the yellow CUSHION CAR and/or DF logos with return stencils which were added soon after delivery.

RI - the first run had LD loaders, these have DFB and have the narrow door rods 

ROCK - we used the ROUTE ROCK logo the first time around now the THE ROCK on these narrow door rod versions.

ART (N&W and TPLX) - we ran delivery schemes before now we have gone to the 1970/71 repaints in full orange schemes and with their variations.



  • Differing lettering placements for individual car numbers for repainted cars
  • Car number specific handbrakes and other details
  • Durable rubber air hoses and metal corner stirrups
  • 70t trucks with metal wheels and axles, type matched to prototype
  • Highly detailed Stanray ends
  • Researched accurate lettering, from the smallest stencils to the nuisances of repainted cars
  • Kadee ”Scale” Whisker couplers

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