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RES70004 1957 Delivery 8' NP Shad. + 8' NPR Monad, Brainerd built  50' XM 15-0 Double-slider centered

RES70004 1957 Delivery 8' NP Shad. + 8' NPR Monad, Brainerd built 50' XM 15-0 Double-slider centered


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RESERVATION product ONLY. Please do not add current in stock items to your RESERVATION product order, any additional cars will not be held as part of this reservation. We are expecting a delivery window some time in late 2021 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices. When the product becomes available to purchase we will send out invoices for your payments in the order we received them. So, the earlier you place your reservation the earlier you will be notified. We are trying to be better at producing the correct quantities of cars that our customers want. No more missing out or chasing up with dealers worldwide.

The RESERVATIONS close on the 31st of January 2021. Reservations received by the deadline will guarantee the models ordered but also help us to determine accurate quantities per item to our factory. You can also place your reservations with any of our current dealers.

After many years of successful 40-foot boxcar design and manufacturing at the Brainerd Shops in Brainerd, MN, times were changing and that meant cars needed to get  longer. In 1955 the Northern Pacific Brainerd Shops started to build one of their most successful group of 50-foot general service boxcar designs. These distinctive centered double-slider arrangement was not a common one, but it was NPs solution to their forestry based service area. The initial rivetted design of 1955 utilized many off the shelf car body components by Stanray, ends and roof panels, along with two Youngstown 7.5 foot sliding doors. Being added to Brainerd shop design and fabricated frames and sides. (500 cars)

The following year (1956) a new design (the subject of our model) emerged with a spec. change to Youngstown sides added to the design. With their distinctive diagonal panels on either side of the door opening meant a design change to the frame and associated side sill with a pronounced dip in the sill. These changes stiffened up the overall car and particularly the door opening. Brainerd manufactured 1350 cars of this design  from 1956 to 1959 quite a feat considering that equated to about two cars a day. Perhaps the reason to purchase Youngstown sides instead to keep up with production levels. Being of Plate B clearance standard translated to unlimited service to all rail lines in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The following 1960-61 years another design change evolved with welded sides and Superior double-sliders, but basically the same distinctive centering of the doors remained. (500 cars)


  • Differing lettering placements for individual car numbers for repainted cars
  • Accurately applied roofwalks or not with cut down ladders to match era specific schemes
  • Car number specific handbrakes, Ajax, Ellcon-National, Equipco, Klasing or Universal
  • Fixed frame design with manual brake wear controls
  • Brainerd designed etched roofwalk specifically designed
  • Wire parts for ALL brake rods, air pipes, and stirrups in specific NP styles
  • Durable rubber air hoses and metal corner stirrups
  • 50t trucks with metal wheels and axles
  • Highly detailed welded Stanray R3-4 ends uniquely used by the Brainerd Shops
  • Distinctive 8 run long style ladders on sides and ends
  • Researched accurate lettering, from the smallest stencils to the nuisances of the Monads so distinctive of the day
  • Kadee ”Scale” Whisker couplers

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