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RES25001 Fe-34 Topeka built XM, Delivery 4-64, Double Plug 15'-6" (wood floor)

RES25001 Fe-34 Topeka built XM, Delivery 4-64, Double Plug 15'-6" (wood floor)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RESERVATION product ONLY. Please do not add current in stock items to your RESERVATION product order, any additional cars will not be held as part of this reservation. We are expecting a delivery window some time in 2021 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices. When the product becomes available to purchase we will send out invoices for your payments in the order we received them. So, the earlier you place your reservation the earlier you will be notified. We are trying to be better at producing the correct quantities of cars that our customers want.

The RESERVATIONS close on the 31st of August 2020. Reservations received by the deadline will guarantee the models ordered but also help us to determine accurate quantities per item to our factory. You can also place your reservations with any of our current dealers.

Starting in 1960 the modern era of Topeka Shops built double doored car began. The Santa Fe wanted to modernize their fleet of Fe type boxcars. During this period were great advancements in boxcars with roller bearing trucks, cushion underframes and restraining or loader equipped cars to better realize customers needs in the competitive freight carrying business.

The first car offered by Moloco in this series of cars is the pinnicale of "Double Plug" Topeka XM designed cars, the Fe-34. The 400 strong series along with their close cousins the 100 series Fe-33 Grain-doored cars. Even though the cars were classified as XM or general purpose boxcars and utilized as free-runners, a select few were assigned to certain points to serve specific customers. Topeka was keen to specify on the stencilling, IMPORTANT-This Car Not Suitable for Bulk Loading. As can be predicted with a series so large that specific details would vary for different purposes or specification. For instance the series selected for the first release, the April 1964 cars carried wooden floors of various types (Apitong, Doweloc or Yellow Pine), where as the series above and below them had Nailable Steel Floors.

So succesfull was this design they were used as specification templates for the later car builder built Fe-37, -38, -39 classes by Pullman Standard, American Car & Foundry and General American respectively.

Design features faithfully rendered in the assembled car

  • Overhanging Stanray roof with correct Roofwalk and crossover platform types for each roadnumber, US Gypsum or Morton.
  • Perfect to prototype Stanray 4-4 riveted ends, with separate roofwalk end bracket
  • Usual lettering differences per car number apply where they occur
  • ATSF Topeka Shop style tackboards and defect card holders
  • Accurate Moloco's cushioned draft gear coupler boxes
  • Keystone cushioned underframes
  • Correct MOLOCO 70t Roller Bearing trucks, Ride-Control, Barber or National style trucks matching protoype applications
  • Handbrakes specific to car number
  • Rubber airhoses the first in the industry by Moloco

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