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33016 PW Repaint AX 10-77, FGE 50' RBL Plt B 7+7R 10-1 Ctr Door

33016 PW Repaint AX 10-77, FGE 50' RBL Plt B 7+7R 10-1 Ctr Door


 MonteIn 1963 Fruit Growers Express at their Alexandria, VA plant started to build a standard car design for the RBL market. Specifically a centered 10-foot wide door opening was central to the insulated boxcar design (specific door opening ranged from 10-1 to 10-2). This popular configuration spread across the most reporting marks of all the FGE catalogued items. FGE purchased their underframes already pre-assembled by fabricators Berwick in PA they were shipped to the Alexandria plant to be rivet assembled. The entire boxcar was riveted together from the bottom up, in the 7+7 R pattern. These were insulated (foamed-in-place), had proven 20-inch cushioned underframe. Many types and configurations and combinations of loaders were used as per customer specifications.

Subtle car printing differences between 1407 and 1408

All of P&Ws FGE RBLs were assigned to Del Monte and were to return to Rochelle, IL on the Milwaukee (one of the major plants for DM), but they were also available to the National Pool for Del Monte. So, therefore could be used anywhere subject to demand. Why you ask P&W leased these, well they had a Del Monte warehouse on their line.

Design features faithfully rendered in the assembled car

  • Overhanging Stanray roof with Morton crossover platforms
  • Perfect to prototype Stanray T3-4 welded ends, with separate roofwalk end bracket
  • Car sides FGE signature rivetted, with FGE style ladders, with specific prototype door stops, door gussets and sill design
  • Accurate Moloco's cushioned draft gear coupler boxes
  • Specific cushioning devices and associated underframe layout and details dependent on roadname
  • Rubber airhoses the first in the industry by Moloco

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