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Production Status Update

The below chart is updated as information is conveyed to us from our partners throughout the supply chain. This is your most accurate, up to date source for knowing when to expect your cars.

This information is subject to change as each product progresses through the process.

Updated as of: 17th of June 2024

Product Stage Notes
Brainerd boxcars
On the water Arrives end of June, 2024
ACF boxcars Exceed Plate C runs (waffles/non-waffles)
In Production Production started June 3rd
St. Cloud boxcars 1st and 2nd run cars being tooled together
In Tooling
In tooling - should have first tooling samples end of July 2024
ACF Plate C run
In Tool Design
Additional ACF tooling in tool design, complete August 2024
Omaha boxcars
Start Tooling
Tool design complete and steel ordered
PCF Double-Plug doors pre-orders In production schedule queue

A Look Behind the Scenes

From initial research, through design, announcements and opening preorders, entering production and last mile delivery -- there is a lot that goes into our process. Today we invite you to take a look behind the scenes at the first steps.  

Behind the Scenes with Moloco Pt II: Preorders

Looking for our last installment? Read it here: Part I: Research & Design


Part II: Preorders

The preorder process in the model railroad industry can vary greatly between manufacturers. Each with their benefits and drawbacks. Before implementing our preorder program, we looked at these approaches and found most manufacturers use a process that falls into three general categories: Traditional Preorders, Continuous Preorders and Surprise (no preorders). 



The Moloco Preorder Process

As modelers, we have all experienced these methods. With this in mind, we took our findings and implemented the following process:

1. Preorders are announced and are open for one month.

2. At close of preorders, purchase orders are placed with our factory in China to pre-book production timelines. These purchase orders take into account the total order volume and a percentage as a buffer to ensure we are able to have extras for any issues found in last mile delivery. 
3. Once space is reserved, designs are finalised and we enter into the production cycle.

By following our unique process it ensures we are able to operate as efficiently as possible while giving all our customers the opportunity of getting their hands on the cars they want!

Reasons why we implemented it:

  1. imbalance between roadnames, it was hard to predict the taste of customers
  2. didn't want customers to be disappointed when product was sold out
  3. wanted to make customers comfortable if they did pre-order within the order dates they were guaranteed they would get their cars
  4. didn't want to over produce products, over production causes issues down the line, excess inventory sitting around, poor use of production time and investment is not applied to the next product

Stay tuned for later this week, when we open our next round of preorders!