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22000-00 ATSF Topeka built Bx-97 50' XMLI 10'0" Offset Door UNDEC KIT

22000-00 ATSF Topeka built Bx-97 50' XMLI 10'0" Offset Door UNDEC KIT


In 1965 the Santa Fe Topeka Shops started to build one of their most successful insulated boxcar designs, mechanical code XMLI. They manufactured 1450 cars up to 1967 over three series of cars, the Bx-94, Bx-97 and Bx-114 series. These CADILLAC of boxcars, include all types of features that garner the highest class of service. They were insulated, had Side-wall Fillers, Load Dividers and Removeable Bars & Gates depending on individual car numbers. All had the famous Super SHOCK CONTROL cushioned underframe. The design adherence to the Plate B clearance standard translated to unlimited service to all rail lines in the USA, Canada and Mexico. They lasted in service well into the BNSF era beyond 1995.


  • Correct sides for the class
  • Two roofs, one with and one without roof walks
  • Multiple handbrakes, Ajax, Ellcon-National, Equipco, Klasing or Universal
  • Cushioning device Keystone DA-20B - Super SHOCK CONTROL
  • Extra extended etched roofwalk specifically designed at the Topeka Shops
  • Finely detailed etchings for cross-over and brake platforms and cut-levers
  • Wire parts for ALL brake rods, air pipes, and stirrups in specific ATSF styles
  • Coupler draft key details on the draft gear coupler boxes
  • Durable rubber air hoses and metal corner stirrups
  • 70t Ride-Control trucks with metal wheels and axles
  • Highly detailed Stanray 4-4 ends uniquely used by the Topeka Shops
  • ATSF style ladders on sides and ends
  • Kadee ”Scale” Whisker couplers



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