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42007 GN delivery, FGE 50' RBL Plt B 7+7ADR 12-2 Ctr Door

42007 GN delivery, FGE 50' RBL Plt B 7+7ADR 12-2 Ctr Door


In 1965 Fruit Growers Express at their Alexandria, VA plant started to build a custom car design for the Procter and Gamble Company (P&G) of Cincinnati, OH. P&G specifically required a 12-foot wide door opening and FGE re-designed their popular insulated boxcar design to the customers requests. FGE purchased their underframes already pre-assembled by fabricators Berwick in PA they were shipped to the Alexandria plant to be rivet assembled. The entire boxcar was riveted together from the bottom up, this included the unique 7+7 ADR (alternate double rivet pattern). These CADILLACs of the FGE fleet were insulated (foamed-in-place), had a proven 20-inch cushioned underframe (Keystone and Freight-Saver), all had Evans DFB Bulkhead loaders and Evans Side-wall Fillers as per customer specifications for palletized loads. Very late in their careers once off P&G service they have been used for other assignments like beer loading at Coors, Golden, CO, amongst others.

Below is a list of P&G plants, which also had warehouse space to distribute all product lines;
Aurora NE, Fremont NE, Henderson NC, Leipsic OH, Russellville AR, Augusta GA, Avenal NJ, Greensboro NC, Lima OH, Albany GA, Alexandria LA, Andover MA, Auburn ME, Boston MA, Cape Girardeau MO, Cincinnati OH-Ivorydale (NYC, B&O) (St. Bernard on the N&W) HQ, Dover DE, Green Bay WI, Iowa City IA, Kansas City KS, Mehoopany PA, North Chicago IL, Oxnard CA, Sacramento CA (Polk CA according to NP), St. Louis, Baltimore MD (Locust Point), Omaha NE.


  • All cars assigned to P&G, AGENT  CCT RY  SACRAMENTO CALIF
  • Overhanging Stanray roof with the first CORRECT Morton Roofwalk and crossover platforms
  • Perfect to prototype Stanray T3-4 welded ends, with separate roofwalk end bracket
  • NEW car sides FGE signature ADR rivetted, with FGE style ladders, with specific prototype door stops, door gussets and sill design
  • KEYSTONE FGE cushioned frame and floor configuration with Moloco's cushioned draft gear coupler boxes
  • AJAX handbrakes
  • NEW MOLOCO Ride-Control 70t Roller Bearing trucks
  • Rubber airhoses the first in the industry by Moloco

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