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RB-0803 MORTON 50' Roofwalk and Crossover kit

RB-0803 MORTON 50' Roofwalk and Crossover kit

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The most accurate MORTON tread roofwalk and crossovers ever produced. The parts have the edges precisely pre-folded over like the prototype. This is one of the KEY features of the Morton tread since it's 2 scale inches in height compared to other tread manufactures. Therefore to stay within clearance plate profiles they had to dip down between the roof ribs.

The brass etchings are easily cut down to be used on 40-foot cars.


* 50' Roofwalk, useable with Moloco roof 0805 or other roof types from the 1950s.

* Two bottom crossover walkways, suitable for cushioned cars. With one including the cut-out for the B-end.

* One high brake wheel platform for high ladder applications.

* Pair of corner grabs and eyebolts.

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