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PCF Double Plug door

NEW moloco PCF Double Plug Door - Pre-Orders
Place Orders by the 1st of July 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a RESERVATION product ONLY. Please do not add current in stock items to your RESERVATION product order, any additional cars will not be held as part of this reservation. We are expecting a delivery window some time in 2024 and the general price will be in line with current RTR prices. We'll keep you up to date with a more specific dates later on. When the product becomes available to purchase we will send out invoices for your payments in the order we received them. So, the earlier you place your reservation the earlier you will be notified. We are trying to be better at producing the correct quantities of cars that our customers want.

Reservations received by the deadline will guarantee the models ordered but also help us to determine accurate quantities per item to our factory. You can also place your reservations with us directly or any of our current dealers, but please only order in once place. Remember, no deposit is required up front to pre-order any of these cars, but you need to check-out like placing a standard order. At which time your pre-order will be registered. 

Note: We have a ANY CAR NUMBER selection, this means if you do not care which car number you receive so we'll allocate one at random and it will help us balance our production quantities.

PCF 4th Run cars + a roof

Pacific Car & Foundry started making this style of RBLs back in 1959. The group included 9-0 centered plug doors of various designs, then later in 1962 increased the door size to 10-0 centered and offset doors. By the time they got to 1964 they again advanced there design to a 16-0 double plug door, the main car of this release. We can only make an educated guess that the driving force for the widening of the door width was to allow increased width for loadings that could be double pallet width or full interior width lading. Like Plywood loading for instance.

Hand in hand with this development the Evans company supplied DF-B Bulkheads to secure the palletized loads in conjunction with Side Wall Fillers. So involved were the Evans people, the South Shore got their four cars retrofitted with the newly developed Air-Pak Bulkheads, being installed in August 1968. One of the main advantages of this new loader was Side Wall Fillers did not need to be engaged for the load to be secure. One less step at either end of the loading process and one less headache for maintenance of the equipment.
As you would expect the service for these cars varied from the previously metioned plywood loadings, we have researched items like paper, beer (from the midwest), wine (from the west), dog foods, baby foods (don't get those mixed up) and the usual canned goods or glassed food stuffs.


58801 CSS EP.CO. 8-68, 50' PCF RBL Double Plug doors, Evans Air-Pak Blkds
(2 car numbers)

58850 SSW Delivery, 50' PCF RBL Double Plug doors, DF-B Blkds
(4 car numbers)

58815 SP Delivery, 50' PCF RBL Double Plug doors, DF-B Blkds
(6 car numbers)

58800 Undec Kit, 50' PCF RBL Double Plug doors

We've had a few requests from our customers to provide pre-painted roofs with no roofwalks but with the brackets still retained. The idea is for modelers that want to exchange existing to post date their Delivery scheme cars. So, here's your chance to pre-order them for this and previous orders of our PCF cars. The colour will only match the Delivery scheme SP/SSW red.  The repainted cars we made in run 2 and 3 already had no roofwalks and use a different car/roof colour so will not match.

Please note from the beginning of Moloco RTR cars back in 2012 we have always NOT glued our roofs on our products. The advantages are numerous but this is one case why we did it, exchangeability. Therefore it will be a very easy operation to do with no skill involved or worry about breaking a glue joint.

RES0801-01 50' Stanray pre-painted Replacement roof (no roofwalk)
PCF SP-SSW-CSS Delivery overspray

PCF 4th Run cars,
C&IM re-run - new car numbers!

Before changing over to our full Pre-Order system we previously released this C&IM scheme and it sold out in under a week. We thought it best to make a "re-run" of this scheme with this series of cars, a nice addition to this great run of cars. This re-run has two new car numbers, so even if you were lucky enough to get the first run cars you can fill out your roster with two more different cars.

51003 NIRX (C&IM Delivery), 50' PCF RBL 10' Offset Plug door
(2 car numbers)

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